Case Study

General Contractor Niches Down and Goes from $0 to $60k Revenue in Under 90 Days

Name: All Remodeling and Construction
Industry: Home Renovations
Size: Under 10 Employees

The client was engaged in home renovation projects that spanned months, often facing multiple revisions and project scope changes.

Additionally there was a drought in word of mouth referrals which was the bulk of incoming work.

Rick noticed a growing demand for a particular niche service. The decision was made to pivot towards jobs of necessity and high demand within their area, specifically basement waterproofing.

But with no marketing budget, a strategic partnership was the most cost effective and low risk way to proceed.

The approach centered on leveraging digital marketing and SEO tools to establish a strong online presence within the niche market of basement waterproofing. Key strategies included:

  • Hosting the new niche website on WPEngine for fast, secure WordPress hosting.
  • Utilizing for building citations and Ahrefs & for comprehensive keyword research.
  • Employing Google Trends for business name ideation, focusing on popular terminology in the New Jersey area, such as “French Drains.”

The execution process unfolded with the following steps:

  • Brainstorming and selecting an SEO-optimized company name.
  • Developing a niche-focused website and registering the business with the state for legitimacy.
  • Setting up a Google Business Profile and securing initial positive reviews.
  • Implementing call tracking and recording, along with building citations and niche directory listings.
  • Creating unique location pages for operational cities and developing a content plan around frequently asked questions related to basement waterproofing.

The Good Part


  • 21 Estimates Scheduled with a near 80% close rate indicating amazing lead quality.
  • The website now ranks highly locally, generating significant inbound calls, particularly during rainy periods, with a record of 5 scheduled estimates in one day.
  • A strategic partnership model was adopted, wherein SEO and digital marketing expertise were exchanged for a percentage of generated revenue, resulting in an ROI exceeding 12X for the client.

The Proof Gallery

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Challenges & Learnings

Challenges Overcome
Setting up the Google Business Profile presented a challenge, particularly the video verification process, which required creative solutions.

Lessons Learned
Key takeaways included the importance of thorough upfront research for selecting a keyword-rich business name and understanding the competitive landscape. Additionally, the project underscored the substantial opportunities in digital marketing within the contractor industry, noting a prevalent reliance on word-of-mouth for business.

The project significantly impacted the client’s business, marking a successful pivot to a high-demand niche and establishing a scalable model for growth in partnership.

Future Outlook
Contractor Lead Partners aims to replicate this success with other contractors looking to dominate sub-niches and grow their business. The preference is towards strategic partnerships, allowing for shared investment in success.

Multiply your business revenue and solidify your presence in your market.

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