How It Works

1. Application Process

Start by applying at our portal, where we examine the viability of a partnership. Not just any business qualifies; we seek out stellar operations with a track record of excellent service, verified by robust ratings. Your journey with us begins with due diligence—ensuring that when we say ‘yes’, we’re committing to a future of shared success.

2. Partnership Assessment

We believe in transparency and alignment. Through one-to-two detailed sessions, we lay out the map for our partnership—setting clear expectations and understanding the exact dynamics of our collaboration. Should both parties agree, a partnership agreement crystallizes our path forward.

3. Engagement Kickoff

The ramp-up period is our investment in you—no fees, just pure potential as we deploy a marketing strategy designed to make your phone ring with quality leads. It’s during this period we showcase your business on our marketing platforms, co-branded for impact.

4. Performance & Scaling

Your role is to keep doing what you do best—exceptional service. Meanwhile, we fine-tune our process based on actual job bookings and revenue, not just lead quantity. We’re targeting a 10x revenue return on your partnership investment, defining success in terms of your bottom line.

5. Communication

Regular, yet unobtrusive meetings keep our partnership fresh and forward-thinking, discussing potential market expansions or new niches. However, our aim is to keep these to just what’s necessary, respecting the flow of your daily operations.

6. Quality Control & Feedback

We’re committed to perfecting the lead quality. All calls are recorded, with access provided to you. This transparency allows us to collaborate on refining the customer profile and ensuring that every lead is a step towards greater profitability.

7. Your New Reality

As our partnership matures, your business will experience a new era of growth. Free from the constraints of marketing and lead generation, you’re empowered to excel in service delivery, with Contractor Lead Partners as the engine driving your expansion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you describe the step-by-step process that a contractor would go through from the point of initial contact with your service to the receipt of leads?

A contractor applies for partnership at

Our team does our due diligence process to see if your market and business is viable for partnership. We’ll reach out to you to set up a meeting to discuss our findings should we want to move forward. If we don’t feel we are a match we’ll let you know why.

Within 1-2 meetings we’ll really detail our exact processes with you to make sure we’re aligned on the partnership, and what’s expected of both parties. If we’re in alignment a partnership agreement/contract is drawn up and signed by both parties. This will include the “no cost ramp up period” specifications.
Example: Payments start after 10 in-home estimates confirmed
Example 2: Payments start after 3 booked jobs completed

Our team will build out the marketing web properties and begin our process to drive traffic and get the phone ringing. This typically takes 1-2 months to start generating consistent phone calls. If we agree on co-branding the contractor’s brand will be featured on our marketing websites.

As phone calls come in, we expect our partners to continue providing excellent service to their customers. Smooth sailing after that, our partners enjoy the influx of call volume, and their bottom line grows while we continue to drive customer acquisition.

Monthly meetings if needed to discuss any expansion opportunities, new niches, etc.

What tools or platforms do you use to capture and distribute leads to your partners?

We focus on direct inbound phone calls. We use call rail to generate call tracking numbers, and we have an options call answering service as well. Leads come from our marketing websites and GBP profiles, and other web properties and directories.

How do you qualify the leads before sending them to your partners?

We provide a call answering service if needed. We can work on the script together, and call routing rules, and live transfer rules. Otherwise calls will route to contractor business phones just the same as direct calls from their websites, or google business profiles. But since we don’t charge per lead this isn’t really an issue. We’re focused on estimates and booked jobs, and revenue. That’s how we determine success. Generally our partners see 10X in revenue on their investment in the partnership.

Could you explain the no-cost ramp-up period in more detail? What are the specific metrics you’re looking at to gauge lead flow and quality?

Our differentiator is that we’re so confident in our due diligence process that if we enter a market, we will drive qualified leads that result in in-home estimates. This is why we’re very selective with our partner selection.

While we ramp up marketing efforts, leads are delivered to contractor partners at no cost, for a period of time. The period of time depends on the leads, estimates, and booked jobs. We fully expect our partners to be able to pay our fees with profits generated from our no cost leads. So essentially our partners should never be in the red during our engagement. Pay us with the profits we generate for you during the ramp up period.

We believe once we make you money, it’ll be a no brainer to move forward with the partnership.

What are your criteria for selecting businesses during the application process?

Business niche, location, and competition play a large role where we expand into. We deal with 1 partner per metro area, so we are highly selective. We want to work with long term partners who are great business operators who provide great customer service. We like working with home service contractors that work with need based services. Think basement waterproofing, foundation repair, roofing, hvac, electrical, sewage backup, plumbing, concrete, etc..

Once a partnership is established, what kind of ongoing support and communication can a contractor expect from your team?

We prefer to keep meetings to a minimum, but are always available for support. The genius of this partnership is the low to no management. As long as the high quality leads keep coming in all the contractor has to worry about is providing superb service to their customers.

Are there any follow-up processes or feedback systems in place for contractors to report back on lead quality or issues?

All calls are recorded for quality control. All partners have access to call recordings. If leads do not align with ICP we can meet about changing who we’re attracting.

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